Garage Specials


Garage Deluxe Time-Out 275,00 Euro
Combination of Neat hands and feet (Mani- und Pedicure), complete body treatment II, Facial intensive,
two drinks of your choice, approx. 3,5 hours

Garage Classic Time-Out 150,00 Euro
Combination of complete body treatment I and Facial Intensive, approx. 2 hours

Groom´s special 160,00 Euro
Get pretty, before getting married

Combination of neat hands and feet, Facial intensive,
Head- and shoulder massage short, 2 drinks to calm down


Eye brows shaping 15,00 Euro
Eye brows coloring 13,00 Euro
Nose and ears – hair removal, each 8,00 Euro
Facial Booster (ampoule), due to skin type 15,00 Euro
Eye mask with intensive care 13,00 Euro
Back peeling 27,00 Euro

Garage Waxing for a clean bodywork

Eyebrows/Face, each 15,00 Euro
Underarms 16,50 Euro

Shoulder area 21,00 Euro
Chest 27,00 Euro
Back 31,00 Euro
Butt 23,50 Euro
Both Lower Leg 26,00 Euro
Leg in total 50,00 Euro
Arm in total 40,00 Euro
Combination Back & Shoulder area 50,00 Euro

Note: For special efforts (=lots of hair) we allowe ourselves to charge an extra of 10,- Euro.

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