Garage Specials


Garage Deluxe Time-Out 250,- Euro
Combination of Neat hands and feet (Mani- und Pedicure), complete body treatment II, Facial intensive,
two drinks of your choice, approx. 3,5 hours

Garage Classic Time-Out 135,- Euro
Combination of complete body treatment I and Facial Intensive, approx. 2 hours

Groom´s special 140,- Euro
Get pretty, before getting married

Combination of neat hands and feet, Facial intensive,
Head- and shoulder massage short, 2 drinks to calm down


Eye brows shaping 12,- Euro
Eye brows coloring 12,- Euro
Nose and ears – hair removal, each 5,- Euro
Facial Booster (ampoule), due to skin type 12,- Euro
Eye mask with intensive care 12,- Euro
Back peeling 25,- Euro

Garage Waxing for a clean bodywork

Eyebrows/Face, each 12,- Euro
Underarms 15,- Euro

Shoulder area 19,- Euro
Chest 25,- Euro
Back 29,- Euro
Butt 22,- Euro
Both Lower Leg 24,- Euro
Leg in total 46.- Euro
Arm in total 38,- Euro
Combination Back & Shoulder area 45,- Euro

Note: For special efforts (=lots of hair) we allowe ourselves to charge an extra of 10,- Euro.

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