About uss

Yes, we men are interested in our appearance. Sounds like bullshit? Nonsense.
Bullshit was the fact, that we only had a facial, mani- or pedicure or a wellness massage on vacation – secretly.
Or when we asked – under incredulous grin of the women world – at “Rosi’s Beauty Salon” for nail care.
Then you go to the US or to Asia or even to neighboring European countries and realize: is it fully normal. It is even cool.
Well, and so we decided to lift the veil about the care needs of a man´s world – in beautiful Franconia.
We are the boys from next door – motorcyclists, football fans, dog lovers, fathers, hunters and employees in normal jobs.
Now we have our own shop.
So that we can spoil ourselves unabashedly. While enjoying some excellent beer. In cool company. Amongst like-minded people.
Bring your dogs and let the girls at home

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